A few reviews...

USA - Emily Kate LONG 

Reviewer at "www.4dancers.org"

"Les Petits contains music for warming up, creative dances incorporating basic technique, music for allegro and locomotor movement, exercises for music appreciation, music for mime and expression, rhythm games, and a cool-down and reverénce.

The CD sleeve includes exercises and choreography suggestions by Farças for most of Collet’s music. Many of these ideas could be used with other ballet CDs, but are charming and perfectly matched to the moods and tempos here. 

Les Petits would make a valuable addition to any pre-ballet teacher’s music library. Both new and experienced teachers will find something fresh and helpful on this CD to keep the classroom exciting."



"On the hunt for energetic music that will manage to hold the interest of your pre-ballet kids? Teacher Nicola Farcas teamed up with pianist Nolwenn Collet to create 45 different melodies tailored to the youngest dancers, in terms of style, tempo and track length. Rather than offering pieces to be used with technical ballet exercises, like pliés or tendus, Collet’s tracks invoke imagery to appeal to this age group—and Farcas has provided sample exercises to accompany each song, complete with counts.

Butterflies and Angry Tigers,” for example, calls for fluttering your “wings” as the piano trills arpeggios and then adopting the yoga cat pose like a tiger when the tempo abruptly changes. “Picking Coconuts!” asks students to reach or jump for coconuts in the trees when higher notes are played on the piano; when keys in the lower register are played, students must pick up the coconuts that have fallen to the ground. Other song topics include the four seasons, eight different moods, fairy tales and clapping games—there’s plenty to engage and inspire your preschool-age dancers." 


ARAD; UCT Dip. Teaching of Classical Ballet; RAD Examiner    

"Les Petits" A delightful, movement inspiring CD to appeal to the very young ballet dancer. All 45 Tracks are artistically and thoughtfully composed, and beautifully played; offering the teacher a wide and varied choice of differing and clearly defined tempos and rhythms. 
I especially enjoyed the changes in the musical dynamics and atmosphere. 
Additionally the suggested choreographic notes by Nicola Farcas will be a very helpful teaching aid." 


Dance Teacher

" I have just purchased the CD: "Les Petits" and wanted to say a big thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring dance music for my classes. 
This CD is truly a treasure. It is not easy to find good music for this young age and I find the CD just perfect. 
The kids and I LOVE it and the music and dance ideas are brilliant. I listen to it over and over again and never get bored. Thanks again! " 


Dancer at Ballet National de Marseille Roland PETIT, Dancer at Ballet National d'Amsterdam, Soloist at Ballet du Nord, Ballet Teacher at Conservatoire CRR de Paris.

"I have worked with Nolwenn at Conservatoire de Paris and have discovered her last CD "Les Petits". 
It has been a great pleasure to hear Nolwenn's dancing keys again! 
Her musicality sparkles and knows how to reach children's heart without being childish. The result being a magnificent CD bringing the child to the very best of its artistic abilities..."

ITALY - Valentina FODDANU 


"I have really enjoyed Nolwenn Collet's new CD "Les Petits". Her work simulates perfectly the joy and experience to work with a live pianist.
The original compositions are captivating and stimulate creativity, which is perfect for the work you would do in a preballet class. 
Of special mention, the section devote to the seasons adapted from famous ballet music, and the mime section expressing different emotions are of special interest. Compared to other preballet CDs which can be repetitive and rather dull, this CD is inspirational and fresh! 
The CD stands out from others because of the diversity of rhythm, style and because of the musical choices she has made."


B Phil (Hons.), FISTD, Dance Teacher and Examiner for the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet Faculty 

"Les Petits" will be a valuable resource for all teachers of ballet who give classes for young children. 

The pieces are inspiring and imaginative – and beautifully played.There is a broad selection of pieces in differing, adequate tempi, with a wealth of themes suitable for a baby ballet or pre-primary class.
Imaginative ideas abound for creative sequences and there is plenty of scope for teachers to use their own creativity. The pieces follow a plan for a well structured class, and the exercises and sequences suggested in the leaflet are sound and will prove enjoyable. 
Cool down sequences are magnificent. Many a teacher will use ‘A night in the Arabian desert’ track for a ports de bras in the Intermediate class later in the day!"