Ballet teacher Joel Morris, Les Premiers Pas Ballet Class Album
Joel Morris was born on the Isle of Wight were he received his early training with Gillian Cartwright. Later training includes The Royal Ballet school, The Central School of Ballet and The Royal Danish Ballet.
Joel has had a performing career of 19 years and in this time he had performed with London City Ballet, ENB, Atlanta Ballet, The South African Ballet Theatre, and Cape Town City Ballet. He was also a company member of KBallet in Japan for its first seasons.
Joel danced in CATS in the West End (London Palladium) and on Tour where he was lucky enough to perform the iconic role of Mr Mistofeles and attending rehearsals with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Dame  Gillian Lynne. Classical principal roles include, Franz (Coppelia) Blue Bird And Carabosse (Sleeping Beauty) Don Jose (Carmen) The Nutcracker Prince, Gamache (Don Quixote) and Jesters in Swan Lake and Cinderella.
He has also performed Balanchine “Who Cares” and Ashton’s Les Patineurs. Joel teaches at The Royal Ballet School, The RAD dance School, Pineapple Dance Studios, Bodywork Cambridge, and The Ballet School Notting Hill to name a few. Professional companies Joel has taught include the West End cast of “American in Paris” Vienna festival ballet, The South African Ballet Theatre, and New York’s Les Ballets Grandiva. 
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Using imagery for a pre-ballet class: ANIMALS!

Getting young people's attention is not always easy in a pre-ballet class.
But there is something that works very well, it is the use of imagery!
Young children adore animal stories, so it is a great theme to use when teaching ballet from pre-primary to elementary levels.
In our album Les Premiers Pas, seventeen out of thirty five tracks use a reference to an animal.
We tried to express the character of each animal into the music and to translate it into a ballet exercise or a ballet dance. 
Some of the references used are quite "classic": for example, we have used swans to create an arm exercise, horses to feature in a tempo recognition exercise, cats in a stretching exercise, snakes for a core muscles exercise, a picky mouse for a fingers exercise etc...
But to bring a little bit of fun and creativity into the ballet studio, we also used references which are a bit out of the ordinary. We have poodles jumping  through hoops, unicorns galloping, crabs doing sideways galops, pink flamingos dancing to a mambo, crocodiles helping with arms coordination...etc 
So we hope this will inspire you and your young dancers and don't be surprised: after a pre-ballet class to Les Premiers Pas, young dancers might be tempted to ask their parents to adopt a baby dragon, a giraffe or a magic dragonfly!
If you would like to discover our animal playlist, click here: 

You can browse our pre-primary ballet class music album's content below...

In addition, we were delighted and grateful that dance photographer Natacha Hochman accepted to let us use one of her pictures from her book Itinéraire d'Etoiles, ed. Alternatives.

You can sample each track below and get them individually as instant MP3 files or get the whole album. 

This album, as well as other of my albums of music for ballet class, is also now available on all streaming platforms HERE so you can get your little pupils to dance at home or so you can teach them online!


Nolwenn Piano Music For Ballet Class

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LES PREMIERS PAS is an album of music for a pre-ballet class composed for very young children, aged 3 and over.

Produced in collaboration with ballet dancer and teacher Joel Morris, this album is fun, easy to use and very creative.

The title of each track provides the teacher with both the technical/step focus and with the imagery used to fuel imagination, creativity and musicality in the young dancer.

With clarity and poetry, the music will help the teacher and the young dancers alike to enter the “story” imagined for each exercise, while making the technical focus easy and rewarding!

While keeping things clear and accessible, the exercises and the music will help the young dancers develop their artistry and expressivity, making of the ballet studio a place to blossom through artistic tuition.

LES PREMIERS PAS est un album destiné aux cours de danse classique pour les petits enfants, à partir de 3 ans.

Produit en collaboration avec le danseur et professeur de danse Joel Morris, cet album est ludique, facile à utiliser et très créatif.

Le titre de chaque piste indique au professeur l’objectif technique à atteindre ainsi que l’imagerie utilisée pour stimuler l’imagination, la créativité et la musicalité du petit danseur.

Avec clarté et poésie, la musique aidera le professeur comme les petits danseurs à pénétrer dans ‘l’histoire’ imaginée pour chaque exercice, tout en gardant l’objectif technique facile à atteindre et gratifiant!

Tout en gardant les choses claires et compréhensibles, les exercices et la musique aideront nos petits danseurs à développer leur sens artistique, faisant du studio de danse un endroit idéal pour s’épanouir au travers de l’enseignement artistique.

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