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Nolwenn Collet,

French ballet pianist,

Composer and arranger of 

music for ballet class. 

About the artist...

Nolwenn Collet is a French pianist and composer who produces ballet class music.

Her style reflects her love for expressive melodies and poetry, and her work explores the links between music, movement, nature and emotions. 

In 2014, her album of music for pre-ballet class “Les Petits”, got international recognition following an article in American Dance Teacher Magazine and her CDs started to sell internationally.  

Classically trained in Paris Conservatoires, of which the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Nolwenn Collet has the ability to write and perform music in a rich variety of styles including her own. 

Nolwenn grew up in a family of music teachers and her childhood years spent on a Pacific island, {New-Caledonia}, nourished a strong link with nature and a keen and constant interest in other cultures. 

At the heart of each of her albums, there is the desire to help us establish connections: with others, with our artistic heritage, with ourselves and with nature: an invitation to take a journey,  sometimes, cinematic, cultural, imaginary, personal, yet universal.  

Her deep understanding of the relationship between music and dance, combined with her ability to create music that reflects the physical challenges and artistic sensitivities of particular cohorts, be they very young children, adolescent dancers or pre-professional elites, make her work stand out. Read more about Nolwenn's story HERE... 



Ballet class music albums...

Nolwenn Collet has produced to date 16 albums of music for ballet class.

Nolwenn produces two types of albums for ballet class:

All her albums of music for ballet class are available on her SHOP page  and you can order them either in an eco-friendly CD format or as instant MP3 downloads.

Some of her albums of music for ballet class are also available on most streaming platforms so don't hesitate to share the information with your ballet students!

    Your story...

    Using recorded music for ballet class can be difficult and challenging. 

    It can be quite time consuming to find the perfect piece of music to accompany your ballet exercise or choreography.

    ...Choosing the right style, tempo, dynamic or length... setting the right atmosphere, supporting the ballet students, their musicality, their artistry, their technique, their inspiration...but also making them curious about repertoire, about exploring different eras, different cultures..

    Ballet and music maybe universal languages but we each have our own personal artistic experience: this is where your story starts! You can read more about this here...

    Nolwenn Collet's artistic quest is to take into consideration these artistic experiences and to exchange ideas in order to keep this art form alive, creative and evolving!

    If you would like to take part into this exchange, don't hesitate to get in touch!


    Supporting ballet class music artists...

    Ballet class music artists are independent artists and need your support!

    Creating quality music for ballet class takes time, dedication and great care. If you would like to care for the preservation of this fragile art form, there are many ways to support your favorite ballet class music artists and to keep it alive and creative!

    • You could purchase their ballet class music in a CD format, which is eco friendly and durable.
    • You could buy their sheet music for ballet class and help other musicians discover this art form!
    • You could download their ballet class music in MP3 files.
    • You could stream their music for ballet class on your favorite platform and share the word!
    • You could follow your favorite ballet class music artists them on social media and subscribe to their youtube channel
    • You could use their music for ballet class in your ballet shows, recitals, or videos, documentaries...
    • You could help your favorite ballet class music artists getting recognition by talking about their production, reviewing their music for ballet class, posting a comment, getting in touch!

    Quality music for ballet class...

    All of Nolwenn Collet's albums of music for ballet class have been created in collaboration with ballet dancers, teachers and sometimes, ballet historians.

    These collaborations, many of them international, are also a source of inspiration and reflect the rich diversity there is, in terms of creativity and artistry when it comes to teaching ballet and dancing.

    Most tracks of Nolwenn Collet's ballet class music include in their titles the time signature and the numbers of phrases or counts, making it it easier for the ballet teacher to plan for class. 

    Creating music for ballet class in these settings is pure joy!

    Nolwenn Collet also has the highest quality standards at heart so, all her ballet class music albums have been recorded in a professional recording studio, on a Steinway & Sons grand piano and by a sound engineer. 

    The CDs are manufactured in France and the double CD case is plastic free. 


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